My Morning Routine For Getting Things Done

Some incredible artist asked a simple question and I replied. The feedback was very positive by others, so I want to share my best morning routine for getting things done with you today.

I am highly sensitive – so if I can do it – you can do it for sure.

My best practices for a smooth start into the new day with full clarity, productivity and creativity:

a) Making the bed.

Recommended and deeply explained by NAVY Admiral William McRaven – much more effective than you might have thought). It’s your very first accomplishment of the day which sets your brain into a success mode. Sounds weird or simple, yet so effective. Also we die every night and are re-born every morning. So it is a ritual of consciously getting up in a controlled way and being alive as well. Having control about your awakening is powerful.

b) Hot water. Check ‘Japanese Water Therapy‘ via Google.

It’s interesting how many people start their day with caffeine, especially from the source of coffee beans. There are plenty alternatives like guarana, which distributes evenly through the day and do not raise cortisol aka stress levels as much as coffee.

c) Yoga; Meditation; Breathing (check ‘Pranayama‘) – the sun salutation is the most common yogic practice and can be learned easily via YouTube or a one time yoga session. Meditation is so powerful it’s unbelievable. Breathing is much more than oxygen, it’s your most -direct- option to control your nervous system.

If that’s more than enough for you – just do stretching. Stretching in the morning has lots of positive effects and is actually one of the main parts of yoga or fascia training.

d) So we put water into our soul’s vehicle aka body, we got blood circulation going via yoga aka organs communicating properly with each other, what else do we need?

Nature around us. So I go for a walk or a run in the forest. Some extra oxygen and more importantly natural patterns. The mind can be relaxed by just watching nature or natural patterns. Plenty of research and articles about that available. The concrete jungle is not our natural habitat. If you have no chance for a park or forest: images and videos do have a similar effect.

e) And if you’re struggling with negativity in your life: bringing your mind into positive thought patterns: journaling regarding what you are thankful for. Thankfulness is the most effective way to re-program your negative thought patterns into positive ones. It can be trained like a muscle and you will feel the effect after 21 days if not earlier. It actually builds new synaptic connections which allow you to be more positiv in general. Plenty of research and articles about that available as well.

f) Go for a run. With gooooooooood music. Usually I personally listen to Psytrance, Techno and Progressive Trance. Recently I found out, there’s Progressive House, Funky House and Tech House which is able to force myself to run even more focussed, faster, longer and with more joy than ever. Last night my favourite house DJ Orion9 published another awesome house music set and I was not able to stop running until the mix was finished:

So there you go. There you run. There you fill your body, brain and cells with oxygen and joy. Everything transports information, so drink in a happy mood, eat with thankful thoughts and run with awesome music you love, whatever genre and artist works for you.

Some don’ts:

a) Checking your smartphone before YOU have set YOUR tone of the day. ANY check besides the time will lead you into OTHERS tone, wishes, desires and so on. Also the blue light of the screen messes up your senses when the room is still dark, it’s pure stress.

b) Contact with anyone before you feel like it. Exceptions might be your children or partner or anyone you take care of. But still for me it’s starting on my own what works best. Respecting the others morning routine and then meet for breakfast can be awesome as well.

c) Checking todo lists or anything else work-related before you took care of yourself. If you’re absolutely enthusiastic about your work, it’s a different ball game 🙂

Rock your life – create your dreams – it’s the only way to be truly happy.

Also Mr. Kwik agrees on many points I just found out 🙂

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