FAQ of Life: How I got out of Depression and are BACK ON TRACK FINALLY :)

So a seemingly very friendly girl asked me in that Facebook Group how I made it out of trauma and depression. In the end she asked me if she would be allowed to copy my text into her notebook. See? If you are depressed you think in weird ways. Of course she can. And so can you.

This was my reply:
I’ve been suffering for ages and found my way out and back on track (or finally on track). Believe me, looking back I’m actually thankful for all what happened as I am so super strong and happy now. Without that contrast and experience I would have never been able to be where I am now. Wishing you the same.

She said:
Markus Fordemann You’re an inspiration! Any tips to get back on track? I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel BUT lately, to me, it seems more like an oncoming train.😲

I replied:

A train 🙂 I can feel you kept your humour and creativity, that’s a good base.


a) meditation – the more you do it the more you are connected to your real you and will feel more and more what’s your real reason to be here on earth

b) surround yourself with positive minds as much as possible. You’re the average of the 5 people you are spending the most time with

c) nutrition. Healthy nutrition is key. The stomach is our second brain (good videos on youtube around that topic)

d) workout – not pumping muscles but blood circulation and fresh air a.k.a. oxygen is very important for the healing process

e) journaling – daily thankful journaling re-programmes your thought patterns into positivity (lots of resources to read and watch for free around that)

f) serotonine – I take L-Tryptophan and sometimes 5-HTP to get my formerly depressed biochemical structures back into normal states

g) yoga – all about inner peace, finding your middle, being connected to the source and blood circulation

h) be nice to yourself – in thoughts and action – you are your very best friend, so treat her like that

i) Craniosacral therapy can help, never tried it, but it seems to be working for many and you don’t have to go through your experiences from the past again, so there’s no pain involved from what I’ve heard

j) CBD oil helped me a lot but everyone is different and i have a cannabis abuse history so it got me back into normal states of my internal cannabinoid system which every human has

k) nature – natural patterns are pure health to watch, feel, smell – many live in a concrete jungle with neon lights and are wondering why their organic bodies and minds are suffering in a synthetic world

l) don’t take life too serious. we’re not going out of this alive anyways 😉

you will manage it with ease. it’s all about mindset. you can train and change your brain like a muscle by repetition. repetitive positive change, most will be visible after 21 days.

and thank you for asking this question. it’s amazing how knowledge can multiply and get stronger by sharing it.

if you catch yourself falling back into negativity that’s awesome. the quicker you realise it the better, so when you realise it, feel good about it. and the gaps between positive and negative will become SMALLER and SmALLeR and smALLer and smaller and poof they are gone and you’re in positive vibes most of the time. keep a tiny bit of negativity otherwise the positivity becomes boring and it needs the contrast

last one: set small goals. your brain needs to recover and the dopamine release has to be TRAINed 😉 again. so with small accomplishments you will get stronger and stronger and can set bigger goals while keeping the vision of your perfect dream life alive all the time, best in alignment with your higher purpose as mentioned in a) meditation.

I really hope it helps and have a funky week 🙂

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