Don’t rent a sound recording studio in Berlin! First look at Noize Fabrik!

OK, let’s keep it short and simple. You’re a creative genius and your time carries a huge value, let’s not waste it. Same as you don’t want to waste your energy being at the wrong place developing and living your creativity.

Marcus and Oliver opened a place exactly for that. A calm, productive atmosphere with top-notch quality audio tools and people with similar mindsets coming from creative industries only. And it’s affordable as fuck. Meet the sound engineer, meet the graphic designer, meet the choreographist, meet the singer, meet the drummer, meet the ukulele player. Meet the metal head, meet the deep house producer. Meet the hippie, meet the hipster, meet the creative partner of your life. Have a beer with all of them!

You can rent your own productive office in a flexible way:

  • 10€: 1 day (including 50Mbit DSL, printer, scanner, fax and the unique atmosphere to see and feel if it works for you)
  • 40€: 5 days per month
  • 79€: 12 days per month (3 days per week)
  • 129€: 24 days per month (6 days per week)
  • 159€: 24 days per month with fixed desk and chair

There are also plans for teams of 2 and more creative people. You should keep the „per week“ settings so the crowd can be evenly managed through the month and no overcrowd peaks emerge. You’ll love it anyways and book your monthly plan after your first week. ;-P

You can book your high quality caffeine flat at 25€, a post box at 25€, a conference room at 25€ (per month!), a highly secured locker at 25€ (I would even entrust Noize Fabrik with a Moog Voyager if it would fit into their boxes) and buy your sources of instant gratification (sugar) and tranquillizing / dopamine thunderstorms (mate, alcohol, etc) starting at 2€.

And it even gets better. There are so many high quality events besides the co-working you have to be VERY disciplined not to lose focus on your own projects. At least they are an awesome source of inspiration and change of perspective, which is highly needed from time to time when working yourself deep into your own rabbit hole.

Check for all the technical specs of the sound recording studios in Berlin and for all the plans, prices, conditions and how to find your way to Noize Fabrik in Berlin-Neukölln.

We also got the chance to interview both of the founders behind the scenes, Marcus and Oliver. If you could change 3 things in Germany, what would you do? Especially for founders and creative people.

Noize Fabrik: 1. Paperwork and 2. Bureaucracy: The paperwork in Germany can be very overwhelming. As a startup / entrepreneur it can be difficult to navigate the bureaucracy. This is something that can be very frustrating. 3. Internet: Parts of Berlin still don’t have high speed internet lines. As a start up, it can be frustrating to find out that your area doesn’t have the most high speed internet. This is something to watch out for! Can you recommend 3 spots a creative person has to visit, when in Berlin? Noize Fabrik does not count!

Noize Fabrik: „Prachtwerk“ – a cafe by day and live act location by night, Prachtwerk is a great spot for those looking for a great atmosphere and good music!

„Klunkerkranich“ – located on top of the Neukölln Arkaden, Klunkerkranich is a great bar with one of the best views of Berlin.

„Teufelsberg“ – in west Berlin, an old abandoned communications building offers an amazing day trip to those who wish to see the city from a distance and check out an amazing abandoned site. What’s the main driving force behind Noize Fabrik?

Noize Fabrik: The main driving force behind Noize Fabrik is collaboration and community. Noize Fabrik is simply a format for other people to use. In this way we need people to engage and actively be a part of our community! Our strength is our community! With more and more automation and intuitive tools within the electronic music scene it seems to become easier for anyone to create a track. Is that true? What do you think about it and what makes an outstanding artist outstanding?

Noize Fabrik: It is true that developments in music technology have now made creating music more accessible for more people. However, I would make the argument that these tools are merely that, tools. Everything depends on how the tools are used. An outstanding artist is someone who knows and uses his tools to their maximum potential. Are there any other projects by you guys we should keep an eye or ear on?

Noize Fabrik: „Berlin Street Musician Showcase“: The Berlin Street Musician Showcase (BSMS) is a night dedicated to exactly that, street musicians. Started by the founding members of Noize Fabrik, BSMS offers young up and coming musicians a space to showcase their work. All audio is professionally recorded and we film the event with our modest camera set up! After the showcasing the artists receive 3 things: all recorded raw audio, all recorded footage and the opportunity to mix and master a track, of their choice, from their set in Noize Fabrik Studios with our sound engineer. This allows them to walk away with not only a great show behind them but also promotional materials for themselves going ahead.

„Frauengedeck“: Frauengedeck Live stream is a night dedicated to “Only Women & Only Vinyl”. Frauengedeck was started by Sabine Hoffman, a local DJ in Berlin. After working with Noize Fabrik helping with promotional efforts and having a general interest in the concept she decided to carry out a monthly Live-streaming event in collaboration with Heydayz.FM focusing on female DJs in the industry. We have held the first showcasing and are excited for the coming shows. They take place on the last Thursday of every month.

„Strength in Numbers“: Strength in Numbers, or SIN, is a beat collective started by a member of Noize Fabrik based of Ableton’s Team Supreme in the United States. The participants have one week to create a beat based on a few common criteria and samples, defined at each weeks meeting. All beats from all participants are then compiled and released on their Youtube Channel! Thanks a lot for the insights! Stay productive, dance your dream!

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